Work with Sara

Virtual organizing is a focused, rapid-fire video discussion where I help you zone in on the reasons your space is not functioning or chronically attracting clutter.

You’ll walk me through your room(s) and tell me your routine, challenges, and goals for each space — I’ll deliver to you the exact steps you need to make the change. 

This service is for you if you’re ready to do the work, but looking for an expert to guide you into the process. You know your space is begging for some TLC, but you want to make the most efficient use of your time doing it.

Maybe you’ve tried some things in the past, yet for some reason the clutter keeps coming back — and at this point, you realize a fresh, objective, perspective will do you the most good.

  1.  relationship : $427

    • 60-minute video call
    • written DIY organizing plan
    • linked product list specific for your space
    • two full months of direct access to me for Q&A
    • unlimited accountability emails
    • bi-monthly phone call
  2.  dating : $197

    • 60-minute video call
    • written DIY plan
    • one full month of direct access to me for Q&A
    • 2 follow-up accountability emails
  3.  just dinner : $75 

    • 60-minute video call
    • one week of direct access to me for Q&A

From Sara, your Virtual Organizer

Hello! I’m Sara, creator of Moxie Space. I’m a lover of efficiency, and living my best life which usually means early riser and sometimes means ice cream in bed. There are no rules for an organized life, only guidelines. The best barometer is what makes you sustainably happy. My goal for our time together is to help you uncover the pieces of your organizing systems that are on longer working for you, and then leveling-up the environment that surrounds you.

I’m awesome at keeping people on track and focused. Need someone holding you accountable? You got it. Just want clear direction so you can slay on your own? I’m your girl. Want a step-by-step plan typed out, complete with a full product shopping list? Consider it done.

My work as a Professional Organizer has taken me into many different spaces caused by various degrees of clutter, overwhelm, and loose ends. Each client has a unique background and specific goals for their lives, but in general I find the disorganization is pretty similar. 

We’re all making the same daily decisions based on our priorities and what comes in and out of our space. But somewhere along the way, you look up and you’re drowning in your own stuff, in your own home, and decision paralysis has its hold on you. 

This is not the place where you can be your best self! This is the place where your mind stays in a constant state of fog, and the bar for your standard of living has dropped from what it once was when you were younger, hopeful, and more motivated to where it is now: “this’ll do.” 

If you think you’ve reached this point - or are close, and can see that trajectory - that’ll not do! I can help, and now is the time.