We love our clients, and we love that they love us back! Our portfolio of work spans projects big and small—from home organization to unpacking services to business organization—but the effects are always great. Here are a few of our favorite responses we've gotten about our hard-working and committed organizers!


I don’t know why I didn’t call Moxie Space sooner! I thought the home office project would take DAYS, but in only 3 hours, they had helped me manageably sort the entire room! It was comfortable, easy, and even fun. They were so patient and helpful. Once that was done, we tackled other areas of my house that had become “crap catchers.”

Now everything has it’s place, and my house feels like a home. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without their help and guidance. I highly recommend Moxie Space to anyone who might need organizing skills. It’s truly worth it.
— T. | Windsor Park, Texas

"My family & I just moved into our fourth home in the last five years, and hiring Moxie Space to help us unpack and organize was the smartest thing we've ever done.


While I was directing movers on where furniture pieces should go, Moxie Space was hard at work in the kitchen, completing the organization of the room before the end of moving day. To me, the kitchen is the center of the home, so having it ready for cooking (or just having plates & silverware ready for take out), was huge.

Moxie Space's fresh perspective made it easy for them to make stellar decisions & made it easy for me to keep my sanity. Say yes to Moxie Space!"

- J. | Rockwall, Texas

   one day of work!

one day of work!

"I hired Sara to help me clean up a few problem areas - however, after our first session, it became apparent that I needed a whole-house makeover. We worked for several days over two weeks to declutter, sort, organize, donate and create organized spaces in every single room of my house.

It's been the most incredible change, not just for me but for the entire family. But the biggest praise came from my children; they repeatedly mentioned how much they love having an organized house, from their rooms to the specific homework space we created for them. Their gratitude about the transformation makes my heart sing!

- T. | Hyde Park, Texas

Thank you again! [She’s] execellent. Thanks for pulling it all together for me last minute — it was miraculous but we made it. Thank you SO MUCH!
— J. | Barton Creek, Texas

  3 hours of work!

3 hours of work!

"I'd never used an organizing service before, and quite frankly I was really hesitant about the idea. First, because I have issues with relinquishing control and acknowledging when I'm in over my head on something; and second, the idea of inviting a stranger into my house to touch my stuff gave me anxiety! 

My mess was a HUGE source of stress for months until Sara came into the picture. She helped me organize 80% of it in just three hours, and left me with a clear, actionable plan for the remaining 20%. Now my house is neat and organized, and I no longer freak out every time I walk into my bathroom. Thank you, Sara, for being such a wonderful intro to the home organization world. You are definitely welcome into my home anytime!"

- J. | Barton Hills, Texas

I live in a relatively small space in downtown Austin that had become overwhelmed with too much stuff. I started and stopped many times to address it on my own. As I was closing in on hosting my 50th birthday party, I decided to reach out to a professional for help. Moxie Space came in with a great plan and great passion for their work that is infectious. We had 4 great sessions that not only created a great living space for me, but set me up with a plan to maintain it. The party was a hit, my place was a hit, and Sara is a superstar!
— T, downtown austin


"Moxie space has been a tremendous help to me. As someone who travels non-stop for business, I found myself moving as well as traveling at the same time, and three months later, I still hadn't unpacked. After my first session with Moxie Space I signed up for several more sessions, and each time I'm delighted with the outcome!

I love looking into my pantry cupboard now and knowing where things are, as well as having a guest bedroom where someone can actually sleep instead of just having boxes everywhere. Moxie Space did a fantastic job!

One of the key factors is there's no judgement involved... They're just there to help you!"

- A.| Four Points, Texas