We help you get in tune with your physical surroundings. Once you're in control of the minutia, you’ll be able to expand and grow into the life you've always pictured yourself living.

Our mission is to help you establish the foundation of everyday organization so you can stop wasting time looking for your keys, and start using your time for the things you actually love. 

We're based in Austin, Texas and by the powers of the Internet, our organization experts can now work with you wherever you are!



what to expect...

...when you're expecting an organizer!

Every Moxie Organizer is trained to guide you through the practice of physical organization so you can create and maintain the space you always wanted. You don't need to do anything to prepare -- just get excited!

At your first free consultation, your organizer will take a look at the spaces you'd like to tackle, and will help form a session plan to fit your schedule and budget. The two of you will sign a contract and agreement, schedule the session(s), and then it's time to get started!

As you progress through your session plan, you'll start uncovering more and more space in your home, and will start to feel the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of living with organized systems.



Sara Fritsch, Owner & Organizer

Sara spent years searching to find her passion, from business school, to living abroad, to training as a yoga teacher, until she finally realized what continuously lit her fire: putting the right pieces together. She started doing this in her closet, and now she does it in her business -- and finds endless fulfillment in helping clients do it in their own spaces.

Because when it comes to your life, there’s just this one shot. Make it the one you’ve been dreaming of all along. Get organized and get on with your wonderful life already!

Sara's favorite thing about Austin is its diversity. She loves telling stories, learning new things, and lying in the grass.

See what she's creating  here.